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authorities, Bureir had a population of 1,591, all Muslims, increasing in the 1931 census to 1894, still all Muslim, in 414 houses. In 1945 Bureir had a population   Read More...

St. Louis Eagles
in Ottawa, the Senators played in the smallest market in the NHL. The 1931 census listed only 110,000 people in the city of Ottawa—roughly one-fifth the   Read More...

others in 1922; 5381 Jews, 2645 Muslims, 565 Christians, 10 others in 1931 census; and 6000 Jews, 4540 Muslims, 760 Christians, 10 others in 1945.   Read More...

Demographic history of Palestine
Peel Commission report (1937) and the Survey of Palestine (1945). The 1931 census of Palestine considered the question of illegal immigration since the   Read More...

unclear the distinction between tribal and nontribal can be. India's 1931 census enumerated 22 million tribal people, in 1941 only 10 million were counted   Read More...

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1911 census made available online | IT PRO
Genealogists will have wait until 2022 to see the 1921 census come online and that one will then be the last one until 2051 as the 1931 census was destroyed in an accidental fire and the 1941 census was not conducted due ...

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The 1931 county agent's report on the progress of Grant County's agricultural program, Nov. 1, 1930 to Nov. 1, 1931. Keenan, J. B. ([1931]) 1944 annual report county agricultural agent Winnebago ..... Geographical and statistical history of the county of Winnebago ... to which is prefixed a general view of the state of Wisconsin, together with a census table from its first settlement to the present time. Mitchel, Martin; Osborn, Joseph H. (1856) The geography and economic development of ...

The whereabouts of Nels Sorenson – King Rat
In the 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 United States Censuses, he's living at 1118 E Gorham Street in Madison. I've also got the 1905 Wisconsin State Census for him as well. He died in 1931. 1118 E Gorham Madison Wisconsin ...

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1860 -- I have not been able to find Abigail Vaux, or her family, in the 1860 census, although I believe that the family resided in Dodge County, Wisconsin. .... Abigail A. (Vaux) Smith died in San Diego on 11 September 1931.