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sm-a.html - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds genealogy
Place of Death: Washington, DC. Ahman, Annie Beatrice . PR HDO Obit 6-26-1890. d 3-8-1956 3-11-1956 L 132 G11. IM. Wife of Bernard L. Ahman, Sr. Residence: Baltimore, MD.

Allegheny County PAGenWeb Churches - USGenWeb Archives ...
... in the cemetery at Brownsville, Pa., the family burial place. A gentle, pure spirit; ... Mount Washington. Funeral service at Grace Church, at 2 P.M., ...

sm-war-why.html - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds ...
Place of Death: Washington, DC: Whittimore, Sylvester P. PR HDO Abt 1884. 11-14-1907. L 177 s½ . NGS. . . Whittimore, Veronica Gertrude: PR HDO. Age 29. d 4-7-1896

Atkinson Cemetery Biographical Information
Listed under place of burial are the words, "To be interred in Cottage Grove." ... Stillwater, the oldest city in Washington County, ...

sm-t.html - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds genealogy
Place of Death: Washington, DC Wife of Robert Tebo. Tebo, Robert Arthur. PR & HDO Obit: 1877 Age 83 d 10-13-1960 10-17-1960: L 481 n½ G1: IM: Lot Owner.

Other topics related to places of burial ... location Washington, D.C. | publisher Georgetown University Press | date 2010 | isbn 9781589017139 ...   Read More...

(Sveinn 's Isle) or some of the place names in Northern France like ... in Denmark burial was more common, and in Norway both were common ...   Read More...

Burial insurance ... funds are deposited on a periodic basis, or by simply forgoing the purchase of available insurance and paying out-of-pocket. ...   Read More...

Arlington National Cemetery
across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., beneath whose 624 | acre have ... formally authorize establishment of burials until June 15, ...   Read More...

was born in the Kaaba sanctuary in Mecca , the holiest place in Islam. ... family were washing his body for burial, at a gathering attended by ...   Read More...

They have had four main types of burials: umqan, cave, above-ground ... Washington: Carnegie institution of Washington, 1933. Jochelson, ...   Read More...

Mount Vernon
was the plantation home of George Washington , first President of the United States . ... listed on the National Register of Historic Places . ...   Read More...

Mike Mansfield
The Washington Post compared Mansfield's behavior as Majority ... Burial at Arlington: congestive heart failure at the age of 98 on October 5, 2001. ...   Read More...

Ancient Egypt
Delta, called the "Walls-of-the-Ruler ", to defend against foreign attack ... history of ancient Egypt for burials of the poor, who could not ...   Read More...

Mobutu Sese Seko
portraits of him adorned many public places, government officials wore ... Burial of Juvénal Habyarimana: Mobutu had the remains of assassinated ...   Read More...

Where is George Washington buried? | Answerbag
Where is George Washington buried? ... Places / North America ... Before his burial on 18 December, 1799 at Mount Vernon, ...

Approximately how much does a funeral and burial cost ...
Approximately how much does a funeral and burial cost? Prices are different everywhere. If you have the viewing and the burial the same day it is cheaper. I carried ...

How long can a funeral home hold a deceased body before ...
How long can a funeral home hold a deceased body before burial? The amount of time a funeral home can keep a body before burial varies from state to state. It also ...

Can we choose to not be buried in a cemetery or be cremated ...
In the State of Washington, where I live, this is strictly forbidden. ... Some states may have statutes governing burials in places other than established cemeteries.

When do you remove artificial flowers from a grave? | Answerbag
/ Death And Funerals / Cemeteries; by Answerbag Staff on January 9th, ... Cemeteries are sacred and revered places that must be kept beautiful for years to come.

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Burying George Washington Twice on Sleepy Hollow | The ...
The secret Free Mason Tomb in the middle of the woods where George Washington was buried was likely “an authorized place” at time of burial, depending on who owned the land and zoning laws in 1799 regulating ...

Politically Correct Travesty At Burial Place Of Robert E. Lee
... Travesty At Burial Place Of Robert E. Lee. This one troubles me deeply, both as an alum of Washington & Lee University (as well as another university which has deep ties to Abraham Lincoln) and as a student of history.

Out of the Attic: Dedication of memorial marks end of long ...
However, the location of the cemetery at the heavily trafficked intersection of South Washington and Church streets often prompts questions about its selection as a burial ground and why the construction of a gas station and ...

No Confederate Flags in Washington & Lee University's ...
The Lee Chapel is a difficult structure to navigate on this score. After all, it is the burial site of Robert E. Lee. There are Confederate flags in the chapel, but there are also flags throughout the museum exhibit below, where they ...