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How to Make a Vital Sign Chart |

Equipment and instruments to measure vitals; Show More. Instructions. 1. Open Excel. Select "File." "New." Save the file with a name such as "vitals_template.xls."

How to Take a Dog's Vital Signs |

When your dog is sick, he can't tell you what's wrong or how badly he feels. Pet owners usually notice a change in their dog's behavior, but unless they spot an ...

How to Find Free Vital Records |

Vital records are the records kept by government of births, deaths, and marriages (and sometimes, divorce as well), as gleaned from birth certificates, death ...

Normal Vital Signs for a Four Year Old |

At almost every doctor's visit, medical personnel will check the patient's vital signs. This is true if the patient is a newborn or an 100 year old person or any age ...

Video: How to Measure & Record Vital Signs During First Aid ...

Get a reading of a patient's vital signs such pulse rate and circulation to determine need for first-aid medical treatment. Assess vital signs without medical ...