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Arab American
heritage or identity, who identify themselves as Arab. Arab Americans trace ancestry to any of the various waves of immigrants of the countries comprising   Read More...

States. The larger Mexican diaspora can also include individuals that trace ancestry to Mexico and self-identify as Mexican. See also: History of Mexico   Read More...

Latino Athletes in American Sports
States. For the sake of this article, a Latino/a is anyone who can trace ancestry back to any country in Central or South America, as well as Caribbean   Read More...

Cameroonian American
Morrissey. Cameroonian Community in Pittsburgh African-American who traced ancestry to Cameroon to be honored by L.A.’s Cameroonian community. Cameroon   Read More...

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Many Texas and western states will find that they have ...
Many people are surprised to discover that they have Alabama Ancestors. If you have a brickwall in your genealogy research, you might try checking the state of Alabama. Many Texas and western states will find their ... Reveals Who Would be King of America and ...
PROVO, UTAH – Oct. 8, 2008 – If George Washington had been America’s king instead of its first president, an 82-year-old retired regional manager from San Antonio, Texas would be King of America today. ... The experts at asked, “Who would be sitting on America’s throne today if George Washington had become the king instead of the first U.S. president?†After countless hours of research to trace Washington’s family lineage, ...

Ancestry: Who do you think you are? | StatChat
British and American or Unknown are the top two reported ancestries because they are common throughout the country, particularly in states with large populations, such as New York, Florida, Texas and California. ... Virginia Ancestry 2010. Including Unreported Virginia The popularity of genealogy TV shows (Family Tree, Finding You Roots, Genealogy Roadshow, etc.) indicates a widespread interest in tracing ancestry. But one lesson you can take from the shows ...

AncestryDNA Makes Scientific Breakthrough in West African ...
It can be extremely difficult to research one's African ancestry using historical records alone, as most African American individuals in the U.S. are unable to find detailed records of their ancestors before the 1870s. Our AncestryDNA test can help family historians use genetics to pick .... What I would like to know is how did the emigration occur? I live in the Texas in the U.S. thank you for all of the research that you are doing, it really helps in knowing where one is from.