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ARGenWeb Archives Searches ... Connecticut | |S530 | 25 |1099 1135 |Sarah Smith |37 F | |New York ... W. 2 Oct 1882-25 Jan 1931 ...

Allegheny County PAGenWeb Archives - Tombstone Photos
... landing in New York on August 30, ... (view 2), 1902 - 1931, Section 2, ... The census there was detailed enough to state that he was born in Fayette ...

USGenWeb Archives Search Engine - mnoGoSearch: Smith
Cox, her parents, Merdick and Mary Smith Burr; 4 brothers and 5 sisters. Biloxi ... in Ocean Springs, MS. Aug. 6 Clydeene Smith Binion, 87, formerly of Pascagoula, ...!&fmt=long&form=extende

USGenWeb Archives Search Engine - mnoGoSearch: Smith
Everett, Bobbie Earl 3-1-1931 M Minnie Smith Raymond Everett Farris, Joe Leroy ... Grimsley, Bobbie Lou 1-3-1931 F Bobbie Smith Homer Grimsley Grimsley, Charles ...!&fmt=long&form=extende

USGenWeb Archives Search Engine - mnoGoSearch: Smith
... Caroline Watts b 1852 d 1931 SMITH, ... - 28306 bytes ... York, the son of Gerald A. and Alma Smith Mullins.!&fmt=long&form=extende

Hungarian occupation of Yugoslav territories
Serbs and Croats in the 1931 census, by counting those of the Roman Catholic denomination as Croats. According to the 1931 census, the territories of Bačka   Read More...

Al-Mansura, Safad
Mansura had an all-Muslim population of 41. This had increased in the 1931 census when El Mansura had an all-Muslim population of 89, in 18 houses. In   Read More...

Billy Lush (baseball)
"Named Coach". The Frederick Post (Frederick, Maryland). October 28, 1931Census entry for William Lush, born Aug. 1873 in Connecticut.   Read More...

authorities, Saris had a population 373, all Muslims, increasing in the 1931 census to 470, still all Muslims, in 114 houses. In 1945 the population of Saris   Read More...

Palestine, Muharraqa had a population of 204 Muslims, increasing in the 1931 census when Muharraqa had a population of 354 Muslims in 86 houses. In 1945   Read More...

authorities, Hadatheh had a population of 333, all Muslims, increasing in the 1931 census to 368; 1 Christian, 1 Druze and 366 Muslims, in a total of 75 houses   Read More...

authorities, Biria had a population of 128, all Muslims, increasing in the 1931 census to 170, still all Muslims, in a total of 38 houses. According to a 1945   Read More...

Bayt Tima
authorities, Bait Tima had a population of 606, all Muslims, increasing by the 1931 census to 762, still all Muslim, in 157 houses. In 1945 the population of Beit   Read More...

stone and adobe brick. All of its residents, who numbered 364 in the 1931 census were Muslims. A mosque and a boys' elementary school (the latter was   Read More...

population of 807, 735 Muslims and 72 Christians, increasing in the 1931 census to 996, 884 Muslims and 92 Christians, in a total of 224 houses. Cement   Read More...

Why are so many American and Australian places named after ...
... (the York in New York is the ... Canada became independent in 1931 and cut governmental ties ... New Jersey etc. How many census-designated places are ...

What do you guys think of jainism | Answerbag
... with 6,50,493 Jains, according to the 2001 census. ... BS Moonje visited the Italian dictator in 1931. ... (The New York Review of Books, ...

What religion were the founding fathers? | Answerbag
NEW! Home / Questions / Social Sciences / Religions / Faith / More Faith; by Mr.Troll_has_a_COAT! on October 9th, 2010 Question. Help answer this question below. What ...

Should it be made illegal for religions to knock on your door ...
But in 1931 they adopted the Scriptural name Jehovah's Witnesses. (Isaiah 43:10) ... The world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses is in New York.

Have there been any conspiracy theories that have been proven ...
The project consisted of a web of CIA run brothels in San Francisco and New York. ... After Prohibition, the new Government security agencies needed something to do.

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New York State Census: Digital Collections
Information about the New York Census, and links to census doicuments digitized by the New York State Library. ... The Census of 1925 was the last census taken by the State. Amendments to the State Constitution approved by the voters in 1931 rescinded all sections of the Constitution which mandated that the state take a census every ten years for the purpose of apportionment. Listed below are publications that have been digitized from items/volumes in the New ...

The Destruction of Greek Jewry http://www ...
The declining Jewish population in Greece in 1941 probably did not exceed the 67,200 of the 1931 census. In 1945 the officially registered .... Auschwitz Chronicle by Danuta Czech published by Henry Holt New York 1989. Belzec, Sobibor ...

Exeter New Hampshire Sculptor: Daniel Chester French ...
Daniel Chester French 1850-1931 · New ..... 1860 US Census > New Hampshire > Rockingham > Exeter > 79. Henry F. ... 1910 US Census > Return to Record New York > New York > Manhattan Ward 9 > District 0160 > 2

Health Care, Social Services and Housing: 2012 Census of ...
That said, New York City's local government public hospital, public welfare, and housing and community development employment is substantial enough to be a significant component of the city's relatively high local government employment overall. And by including private .... Private hospital employment is down relative to population in NYC as well, from 1,931 private hospital workers per 100,000 residents in 1992 to 1,837 in 2002 to 1,783 in 2012. In the U.S. private ...