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Welcome to the New Mexico Death Index Project (1899-1940)
The New Mexico Death Index is a transcription of the State's Official Death Index. NO AMENDMENTS WILL BE MADE TO THIS INDEX! ... Find the county New Mexico Place Names :

In 1917 New Mexico was the only state without a State Health Department, ... Obtain a New Mexico death certificate in person ... Find the county New Mexico Place Names :

NMDI, NMGenWeb Archives - USGenWeb Archives - census wills ...
Death Records/Certificates of New Mexico. You are our 53418 visitor. The archivist for the New Mexico Digital Library ... Find the county New Mexico Place Names :

New Mexico, NMGenWeb Archives - USGenWeb Archives - census ...
Death Records; Description: Size: Date: ... New Mexico Vietnam War Casualties: 46kb: 14 Mar 2000: ... Find the county New Mexico Place Names :

Present and Future Projects, NMGenWeb Archives
... (death certificate) look-up. ... of New Mexico: according to the Vital Records office, ... Find the county New Mexico Place Names :

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Mexico City National Cemetery - Mexico City, Mexico
Key: Remarks can be: cause of death, place of ... Format: Marker#, Name, Location, Age/Birth, Death, Remarks. 68, ABEL ... First Lieutenant Co. New Mexico Vol. Cav ...

Lake Valley Cemetery - Sierra County, New Mexico
Sierra County, New Mexico. Hwy #27 Lake Valley NM. Lat: 32°42'48"N, ... many unmarked graves and many graves with only stones indicating a burial place. They are ...

San Ysidro Cemetery - Sandoval County, New Mexico
This campo santo (an Italian and Spanish burial place) in Corrales is located west of the Old San Ysidro Church, on lands given ... New Mexico Genealogy Links.

Cemetery Records Online - Search Cemeteries
Search and browse cemetery burial records from thousands of cemeteries across the world. Search Cemetery ... New Zealand: Other ... Mexico, ...

San Jose de Armijo Cemetery - Surnames M-O - Bernalillo ...
... age: 68yr, Direct Funeral Services Maestas, Paul H., b. 1967 ... age: 25yr, Nick's Place Montoya, Nick, b. 1912 Feb 12, d . 1966 Nov ... New Mexico Genealogy Links ...

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Nancy E Carpenter Pennington (1848 - 1941) - Find A Grave ...
Death place: Melrose, Curry, New Mexico, United States Gender: Female Race or color (on document): Race or color (expanded): Age in years: 83 Estimated birth year: 1857

Ralph Etcheverry (1928 - 1932) - Find A Grave Memorial
Death Place: Carlsbad, Eddy, New Mexico Gender: Male Race (Original): Race (Expanded): Age at Death: 4 Estimated Birth Year: 1928 Birth Date: Birthplace: ...

Daniel W Capps (1861 - 1921) - Find A Grave Memorial
Death Place: Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico Gender: Male Race (Original): W. ... Burial Place: Dothay, Alabama Burial Date: 03 Mar 1921 Funeral Home:

Pauline Beckmann O'Cheskey (1867 - 1926) - Find A Grave Memorial
death place: Eddy, New Mexico gender: Female race (original): White race (expanded): White age at death: 58 estimated birth year: birth date: 05 Sep 1867 ...

Matilde Lovato (1916 - 2006) - Find A Grave Memorial
Place of Death: Taos, New Mexico She loved to spend her time doing crocheting, plastic canvases, quilting and she loved to sing and dance to Flor de las Flores.

Results 1-2 out of 2 from Immigrantships
We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Firm that searches, copies, deciphers, and types passenger lists. Some passenger manifests posted on the web, from RootsWeb.

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Quay County Genealogy Queries - Genealogy Query and Surname ...
I`d like to find town or county in which he was born.I did find him in New Mexico in the 1870 and 1880 census ... Trying to find burial place of FLORENCE ANGIE ...

Quay County Genealogy Queries
KOGER : Trying to find burial place of FLORENCE ANGIE KOGER. Died 4-7-1937 Las Vegas, San Miguel Co., NM. ... supposedly died 1941 in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Bernalillo County Genealogy Queries
... New Mexico.His brother was Vess Jones who owned the N.H Ranch.Died in May ... Seeking burial place for Eleanor Marion Hill. born 17 Oct. 1899 in Brooklyn NY; ...

DARWIN: Genealogy Queries - Genealogy Query and Surname Database
... Ark to Beralillo Co, New Mexico. ... Searching for Great great grandmother's death date and burial place : Lydia Jane (Fry) Kuykendall, Darwin.

Quay County Adoptee Search Listings
I`d like to find town or county in which he was born.I did find him in New Mexico in the 1870 and 1880 census ... Trying to find burial place of FLORENCE ANGIE ...

New Spain
The Kingdom of New Spain came into existence following Spanish conquest of the ... administration in New Spain or Mexico and Spanish Central ...   Read More...

Pope Pius XI
There were 4,500 Mexican priests serving the Mexican people before the rebellion, in 1934, over 90% ... Death and burial: File:Pie XI Funérailles. ...   Read More...

Maximilian I of Mexico
Joseph; 6 July 1832 – 19 June 1867) was the only monarch of the Second Mexican Empire . ... invited Maximilian to establish a new Mexican monarchy. ...   Read More...

Instead of graveyards, completely new places of burial were established away ... Other topics related to places of burial : Elephants' graveyard ...   Read More...

Lee Harvey Oswald
New Orleans; he is next known to have boarded a bus in Houston on September 26—bound for the Mexican ... Burial: File:Grave of Lee Harvey Oswald. ...   Read More...

Jimmy Carter
During Carter's term as President, he created two new cabinet-level ... In a letter to the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson , Carter ...   Read More...

mouth, over the eyes, ears and between the fingers at the time of burial. ... of Puerto Rico and Mexico is said to be a creature that feeds ...   Read More...

Burials continued until the 1920s, with one of the most famous final ... known to occur in several places in Mexico, though the most famous are ...   Read More...

History of Mexico
The history of Mexico , a country located in the southern portion of North America ... specifically the American states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. ...   Read More...

A long barrow is a long tumulus, usually for numbers of burial s. ... The Augustine Mound is an important Mi'kmaq burial site in New Brunswick ...   Read More...

Where is the best vacation spot in Mexico? | Answerbag
How long after Hidalgo\'s death did Mexico gain independence? Professionally Researched. Why did mexico become a vacation spot? ... Is new mexico a good place to vacation?

How do funeral customs in the United States differ from those ...
NEW! Home / Questions / Business / Professions & Industries / Funeral Services; by anonymous on ... as long as the council are made aware of the place of burial, ...

Who receives the death& burial payment from Social Security ...
Who receives the death& burial payment from Social ... NEW! Home / Questions / ... Does a Mexican national married to a U.S. citizen living in Mexico have rights to ...

Have you ever been to Mexico? If so, what's your favorite ...
How long after Hidalgo\'s death did Mexico gain independence? Costa Rica or Mexico for vacation? Professionally Researched. ... Is new mexico a good place to vacation?

What were some common American Indian burial customs - were ...
Places / North America ... Native American burial customs have ... Zuni, and other Pueblo peoples of Arizona and New Mexico were among the first to experience ...

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The search for the infamous Atari ET game cartridges landfill ...
Burns talked about some of the elements of the myth: reports that they were encased in concrete, not to mention the conflicting rumours of whether the burial took place in New Mexico, California or Nevada. Alamagordo itself ...

Returning Maya Ancestors to Their Place of Origin – Voices
The work has already yielded significant new insights into the cenote that many here still believe is guarded by a large serpent, that some say has feathers and the head of a horse. We have located 15 human crania and a large number of other bones, attesting to the use of the site as a burial location. Some of the remains are as delicate as ... The majority of known burials from the site took place in and immediately around houses. These members of society were ...

Insider - Who were the Anasazi? - Archaeology Magazine ...
The Navajo stake a controversial claim to an ancient legacy. [image] Kin Klizhin, an Anasazi "great house" in northwestern New Mexico's Chaco Canyon, plays a sinister role in Navajo legends about the ancient sites in the area. ... Unlike most Navajo who have strong taboos against dealing with the deceased, Blackhorse is not afraid of burials or places associated with the dead, such as ancient sites like Kin Klizhin. "Yep," agrees Stein. "They be cooking up some stuff here." He walks ...

9 Unsolved Mysteries of the Wild West | Mental Floss
After William H. Bonney escaped from Lincoln County Jail in New Mexico while awaiting hanging for the murder of Sheriff William Brady, the record will tell you that Sheriff Pat Garrett tracked the outlaw, better known as Billy the Kid (above, right), to a .... The body of legendary Apache Chief Cochise is buried somewhere in the wilderness of his former Chiricahua stronghold southeast of Tucson, Arizona, but the exact location of his remains is unknown to this day.