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Arab American
heritage or identity, who identify themselves as Arab. Arab Americans trace ancestry to any of the various waves of immigrants of the countries comprising   Read More...

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Problematic science journalism: Native American ancestry ...
This is the second post in a series discussing the recent publication of a 12500 year old genome from Montana. You can find the first post here. In the weeks following the publication of the complete genome from a Clovis child ...

Ancient Clovis genome from Montana yields no surprises
If this were the case, then we should be able to trace the ancestry of every human genetic locus to a single population existing at some time in the past million years.” (Milford Wolpoff et al. pg.131, Multiregional, Not Multiple ...

Tracing Ancestors From Ghana - GenealogyBlog
Earlier today, I posted a notice that Ghana 1984 census data has been added at FamilySearch website. In searching other online news, I came across an article dealing with Ghanaian genealogy posted at

Searching for Native American Ancestors, by Myra ...
Tracing the extended lines of my Vanderpool family, I have found links to Cherokees of Alabama and Oklahoma, Blackfeet of Montana, Oneida of Wisconsin, Miwok and Chukchansi of California, and to Alaskan Athabascans.