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Kentucky Civil War Queries - USGenWeb Archives - census wills ...
... 14 August 1862, discharged: 17 September 1863, length of service: 1 yr. 1 mo. 3 days, disability incurred: Measles and something I couldn't make out.

query096 - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds genealogy
ENNEN Mathias; Luxembourg>St.Louis, MO - Mrs Fernande Diederich from Dudelange (Luxembourg) ... The SSDI has last residence listed as 63143 St. Louis.

sm-smi-sp.html - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds genealogy
SSDI: 3-28-1905 to July 1986, Newport News, VA. Smith, Lillian Elizabeth. HDO. ... Missouri. Smith, Thomas. . . 1828. 11-29-1872. OL s 2b-3. IM1 & IM2 . . . Smith, Thomas. HDO*

sm-ha.html - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds genealogy
Birthplace: Kirkwood, MO VIRGINIA SGT US MARINE CORPS Wife: Shirley Ann Haley Haley, Rosalie Sanchez: HDO. ... SSDI HDO 4-23-1901. d 3-31-1965 4-2-1965.

sm-ph-pur.html - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds genealogy
SSDI 9-12-1951 d 1-17-2012 1-23-2012 J 1044 H . . . C C ... MISSOURI PVT 1 CL US MARINE CORPS. Occupation: Chauffeur. Platto ...

List of veterans of World War I who died in 2000
United States (270 veterans): com/records/ssdi/search? ... Faris, John I. | 1 Feb 1898 | 23 Jan 2000 (101) | (Missouri) Served in France. ...   Read More...

List of veterans of World War I who died in 2002
Canada (7 veterans): com/records/ssdi/search? ... Carpenter, Byron G | 9 Oct 1898 | 8 Mar 2002 (103) | (Missouri) Private, US Army. | ...   Read More...

James A. Finch, Jr.
He attended public schools in Fornfelt and New Madrid, Missouri and ... References : org/pal:/MM9.1.1/JBMG-2J7 SSDI . author James C. ...   Read More...

Sally Rand
Hickory County, Missouri Her father, William Beck, was a West Point ... External links : Born April 3, 1904 per http://ssdi. rootsweb. ...   Read More...

List of veterans of World War I who died in 2003
indiv 1&rank 0&gsfn charles&gsln farmer&sx&f9&f8&f10&f6&f5&f7&f1&f15 Missouri&f14&f13&f12&f20&f0&prox 1&db ssdi&ti 0&ti. si 0&gss angs-d&fh ...   Read More...

Evalyn Knapp
Born in 1906 in Kansas City, Missouri as Evelyn Pauline Knapp, she ... in 1906, not 1908, as has been misreported, according to the http://ssdi. ...   Read More...

Fred L. Henley
Fred L. Henley (October 25, 1911 December 31, 1994) was a judge on the Missouri ... com/gbnk/ssdi/doc/ssdi/v1:1130DC49D7B3FA02 SSDI ...   Read More...

Paul Stader
Working with Weismuller and Barker : Stader was born and reared in Neosho, Missouri . He came to Los ... External links : url http://ssdi. rootsweb. ...   Read More...

Mark Dinning
Dinning continued performing until his death from a heart attack in Jefferson City, Missouri , ... External links : url http://ssdi. rootsweb. ...   Read More...

Jack Wyatt
Wyatt was born in Kansas City , Missouri , and reared in Forest Hills in the borough of Queens , New ... References : url http://ssdi. rootsweb. ...   Read More...

Does the state of missouri tax social security benefits ...
Does the state of missouri tax social security benefits? As of 2010, the State of Missouri taxes part of Social Security benefits. Residents can deduct up to 65 ...

If I am on disability & get Social Security can my check be ...
If I am on disability & get Social Security can my check be garnished on a judgement of debt(credit cards), I live in Missouri? If you owe a credit card company money ...

I received overpayment of Soc Sec benefits in 2008. I ...
I negotiated a payment plan on 5/09 for $50/mo on the $6K balance. All SS benefits are now withheld from me. ... Social security overpayment repayment plan 50 a month.

Can i draw social security from my deceased husband if i have ...
Ho to file for missouri social security. How long do you have to be married to collect deceased husbands social security. About Us About Answerbag Sitemap

My girlfriend and I live together. She has 2 kids. She ...
My girlfriend and I live together. She has 2 kids. She receives 900 a mo from social security. Her check pays all but 50 of the rent, I pay for everything else. She ...

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The Line for a Disability Hearing in Missouri | Social Security ...
Social Security disability hearings for SSDI and SSI benefits are generally held on a first come, first served basis. Hearings are scheduled by ODAR, SSA's hearings offices, based when you file your request for a hearing ...

Missouri Man Convicted for SSI Claim Misbehavior ...
Detail: Missouri Man Convicted of Federal Crime for SSI Claim Misbehavior - Proof of disability under the SSDI and SSI processes requires sufficient proof of chronic pain, degenerative disorders, spine injuries and other ...

Next: Helping Clients Win Social Security Disability Cases
To talk with a Social Security disability lawyer serving Kansas and Missouri, call 816-753-3929 and schedule a free consultation. You can also contact us online at and someone from our legal team will get in ...

Social Security Disability Insurance in Joplin: What Are the ...
... $721 and for a couple it will increase to $1,082. If you have questions regarding Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplement Security Income in Joplin and throughout Missouri, please contact the Cottrell Law Office.