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Welcome to the Mississippi Genealogy Marriage Project. We're glad you stopped by and hope that you will find this website useful for your research

Free Marriage Records
Mississippi: GINA BROWN: Missouri: MARY HUDSON: Montana: ADOPT ME! Nebraska: PATTI JEPSEN: ... Many of the counties in each state have links to marriage information; ...

USGenWeb Archives - Smith County, MS
Smith Index to the Mississippi Marriages Database: 2K: 2000: Beem & Abruscato: Get involved! We're looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc.

Marriage Mississippi Co. MO USGenWeb Archives
Marriage Records Mississippi County Missouri: File name . Description . Size . Date . Submitted by:> marr-book1.txt: Marriage Book 1: 31.2 kb: Jan. 2001: Brenda Clavin:

USGenWeb Archives MO Mississippi Co. Marriage Records
New Easy to use Submission Forms! Yes, you can help other researcher by using the above link to add information about you family.

The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi
The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi (Die Ehe des Herrn Mississippi) is a 1961 West German comedy film directed by Kurt Hoffmann . ...   Read More...

The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi (play)
The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi (Die Ehe des Herrn Mississippi) is a play by the Swiss writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt . The play was written ...   Read More...

LGBT rights in Mississippi
state of Mississippi face legal challenges not experienced by non- LGBT residents. ... recognition of same-sex marriages and other forms of ...   Read More...

Mississippi Amendment 1
Amendment 1 of 2004 is an amendment to the Mississippi Constitution that prohibited same-sex marriages from being conducted or recognized ...   Read More...

Same-sex marriage legislation in the United States
either prohibiting or allowing same-sex marriage or other types of same-sex union s. ... state-to-recognize-same-sex-marriages | title ...   Read More...

Mississippi ... constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and prohibiting Mississippi from recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. ...   Read More...

Newton Knight
The marriage would have been considered illegal as Mississippi banned interracial marriages except from 1870–1880 during Reconstruction. ...   Read More...

Same-sex marriage law in the United States by state
summarizes the laws of U.S. states and other jurisdictions regarding same-sex marriage . ... Marriages that violate the public policy of this ...   Read More...

Varina Davis
Varina Banks Howell was born at Natchez, Mississippi , the daughter ... Marriage and family: Jefferson Davis was a 35-year-old widower when he ...   Read More...

Beverly Carradine
Mississippi Carradine was the sixth of nine children, and fourth ... Mississippi Marriages, 1776-1935 database on-line. Provo, UT, USA: ...   Read More...

46% Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should ...
46% Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should be illegal. Do you? Why or why not? Too bad. Their ignorance is showing up big time. No Because we are ...

When writing a formal letter to a woman and do you not know ...
i.e. if you were this woman's boss you would write Ms. "first name, "possible middle initial", ... which title should one use if you don't know her marriage status?

If you're married but retain your maiden name are you known ...
The Ms part always makes me think of divorcees, so I would tend to shy away from that. ... What is a marriage encounter? by Answerbag Staff on June 17th, ...

If a ballot initiative in a state like Mississippi for ...
If a ballot initiative in a state like Mississippi for legalizing gay marriage was put up for a vote.....? Mississippi? No way. They still have racially ...

Do you use Ms. if a woman is married? | Answerbag
Do you use Ms. if a woman is married? Much like the way a man can use the title \

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Mississippi same-sex couples hope to record marriages
Same-sex couples in Mississippi on Wednesday hope to record their out-of-state marriages with local officials.

LGBT couples across Mississippi record marriage licenses ...
On Wednesday, August 13, 17 same-sex couples in nine Mississippi counties submitted their marriage licenses for the public record at their local Chancery Clerk's offices.

US: Mississippi gay couples to record out of state marriages ...
Same-sex couples across the US state of Mississippi will today record their marriages performed out of state in a statement for legal protections across the state.

Same-Sex Couples In Mississippi Fight To Have Out-Of ...
The Campaign for Southern Equality launched an action yesterday to have out-of-state marriages recorded in Mississippi. Same-sex couples from eight different counties tried to have their home state recognize the very real ...