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How to Find Grave Sites of Relatives |

Individuals have many reasons for searching out the grave sites of relatives. You may want to pay your respects or learn more about your family history. Finding ...

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Silk flowers provide year-round decoration for a gravesite and can give a small comfort to the grieving family. When placed in remembrance of the deceased, artificial ...

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Solid planning for the future often means paying your funeral expenses in advance. Unfortunately, you may find yourself with a cemetery plot that no longer suits your ...

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Although relocating a grave is a sensitive circumstance, sometimes it must be done to protect and respect the remains or to promote necessary development. You should ...

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Search online grave registries to see if you can locate your relatives' graves. Sites like Find a Grave have searchable archives of grave locations.

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You can find the grave of a relative or famous person for free online. ... You can find a grave online and view many cemeteries information free of charge.

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Gravestones, also known as headstones or tombstones, are traditionally erected in cemeteries to remember the dead. Historically, ...

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How to Donate Cemetery Plots. Perhaps you have purchased a cemetery plot and no longer want it.

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Note whether the cemetery is a privately or publicly owned cemetery. Private cemeteries may be owned by a funeral services company or a church.