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Roberts' Bios: Vol I - Part 19: - USGenWeb Archives - census ...
He afterward married Hannah de la Maine, who was of Drench birth. ... tracing the American ancestry to one of three brothers, who, with two sisters, ...

Roberts' Bios: Vol II - Part 22: - USGenWeb Archives - census ...
The line of Dr. Carrell's Beans's ancestry is as follows: ... All the families named Bean or Beans in America appear to trace back to the Bucks ... From Maine to California, from ...

Ramsey County Minnesota Genealogy Queries
Leeman born in Maine c 1849.Any Leeman ... All trace of her was lost when parents divorced as I ... (Poss. of German ancestry though) d. Dec. 10, 1891 ...

Roberts' Bios: Vol II - Part 2: - USGenWeb Archives - census ...
... , from whom the family in America trace their descent. ... Maine. (Picture of Dr ... traces his ancestry to Julius Cassell, ...

Roberts' Bios: Vol I - Part 20: - USGenWeb Archives - census ...
... or Maine's Cross Roads ... Nothing in known of his ancestry except that ... The subject of this sketch has tried for many years to trace the family ...

Arab American
heritage or identity, who identify themselves as Arab. Arab Americans trace ancestry to any of the various waves of immigrants of the countries comprising   Read More...

Dalhousie, New Brunswick
between anglophones and francophones. Many of the present residents can trace ancestry back to the original European settlers in the region. The Eel River   Read More...

and thus many Acadians or Cajuns living in North America today can trace ancestry back to this region. During the 18th century, the town's activity mainly   Read More...

What is the meaning of the surname "Munsell?" | Answerbag
According to, ... mansel ‘inhabitant of Le Mans or the surrounding area of Maine’. The place was ... need to trace backwards from ...

Do you know you family origins and history? | Answerbag
... Maine, USA. French origin Like ... and I can trace back my family lines to ... Can African Ancestry really tell which African country an African American ...

Do any of you own a Pixiebob Cat? It's a cat that looks like ...
The ticked tabby coat variation such as that of the Abyssinian also occurs in domestic shorthair cats of mixed ancestry ... as the Maine Coon cat, would ... trace back to the original ...

Where did you ancestors first settle? | Answerbag
I also have a bit of Vlax Rromani ancestry and they were forcibly ... working backwards from today: Maine, Maine ... How many people can trace their ...

What is your families story? What is your history? | Answerbag
The founder of the family was Maine, ancestor of the Southern Hy Nials, ... Can African Ancestry really tell which African country an African American's ancestry is from?

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My Maine Ancestry: My DNA Profile
So I'll continue to embrace my ancestors and the culture I love. I'll find diversity in friends to make up for the lack of diversity in my genes. I had a great time last year helping my students trace their family trees to Italy, ... Reveals Who Would be King of America and ...
The experts at asked, “Who would be sitting on America’s throne today if George Washington had become the king instead of the first U.S. president?†After countless hours of research to trace Washington’s family lineage, the following facts emerged to determine which of his descendents would likely be King of America today had the U.S. become a monarchy rather than a democracy .... Linda in Maine on October 13, 2008 at 9:04 am said:.

Cat Ancestry Traces Your Cat's Lineage, No Excuse To ...
That's what you should be testing for, not stupid little things to brag about. “Princess Fuddleboots is a purebred Maine Coon. She's one of the oldest natural breeds in North America and she'll have hip problems when she's 10.

Genealogy Insider - Genealogy Tips for Tracing Your ...
Genealogy Tips for Tracing Your Colonial and Early American Ancestors Posted by Diane Were your ancestors in America to witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence or the first shots of the American ...