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Allen Bailey
University of Miami. Bailey was born in Sapelo Island, Georgia. Bailey's family traced their ancestry back to Bilali Mahomet,[citation needed] a Guinean Muslim   Read More...

Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church
continuous history dating from 16th-century Europe. Alexanderwohl Church families trace their roots to the Dutch Anabaptists of the 16th century. From 1600   Read More...

John Tyler
descended from aristocratic and politically entrenched families. The Tyler family traced its lineage to colonial Williamsburg in the seventeenth century. John Tyler   Read More...

Robert Olds
of the conspirators in the Abraham Lincoln assassination. The Olds family traced its roots back to Sherborne, Dorset, immigrating to America in approximately   Read More...

Paul Robeson
ancestry: African, Anglo-American, and Lenape. His father, William, whose family traced their ancestry to the Igbo people of present-day Nigeria, escaped from   Read More...

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Residents trace family trees |
Ben Myers sits at a table in his home, family photos and documents dating back to the 1800s at his fingertips. He was born in 1928 in Jewell County in north-central Kansas before moving to Nebraska after his father's death ...

Researchers trace Obama's family back to first U.S. slave
The findings were released Monday after researchers spent two years tracing the family tree of Obama's late mother, Ann Dunham, who was born Stanley Ann Dunham in Kansas in 1942. Dunham's roots can be traced to a ...

What's in a bar chart? More families being helped by the ...
Her children all have lice, and per the school nurse, cannot return until the lice are gone. In Missouri, an adoptive mother of two, young children faced eviction, needing help with bills to keep their family home. In Kansas, a dad ...

The gathering storm: Tracing the trail of Joplin's killer tornado
It is astonishing to learn that scientists can trace the origins of the deadly tornado that struck Joplin, Mo., on May 22 back to a weather system that formed two weeks earlier and 4,000 miles away. Here is the story of ... Huge thunderstorms would fire up in eastern Kansas and come crashing together, ultimately unleashing an EF5 tornado on top of Joplin. ... Some 4,000 miles away in the Gulf of Alaska, Toby Burke, husband and father of nine, also had family on his mind.