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Maui County, Hawaii Queries 1997-1998 - USGenWeb Archives ...
Her Hawaiian name my have been Opi'i or Opihi. ... Have been unable to confirm the birth place or date.He married Mary from Sechelt, B.C.

mnoGoSearch: Smith - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds ...
Place Of Birth: GA Mother's Name: Smith, Eliza Mother's Birthplace: GA ... - 1498 bytes [text/plain] - Tue, 10 ...!&fmt=long&form=extende

Honolulu County, Hawaii Queries - USGenWeb Archives - census ...
... (we are uncertain of when the change truly took place.) ... Hawaii and gave birth to several children. A few names of those children are Alfredo ...
place of birth. According to 1850 ... inspirational visit to the Holy Land, and she enjoyed trips to Hawaii and Branson, Missouri with Haskell. Mary Beth and Haskell used their

Hawaii USGenWeb Archives, Keepers of the Culture
This is THE place to go for State of Hawaii Genealogy and History on the internet. ... Lydia Kamaka'eha / Lili'uokalani, The Birth - The Royal School - to Queen.

Results 1-4 out of 4 from Interment

Friends and Partners of
The Genealogy Spot - A great place to start your online genealogy research; ... Birth Records - Look up birth records for any State -; Obituaries ...

Cemetery Records Online - Search Cemeteries
An archive of cemetery records from tens of thousands of cemeteries across the world. Search for cemetery records, browse cemeteries, and contribute your own cemetery ...

International Cemetery - Okinawa, Japan
... Japan was established in the early 19th century to provide a burial place for foreigners ... birth dates (if ... Feb 01, 1971, "Hawaii ...

Cemetery Column |
The Cemetery Column publishes genealogy articles with a focus on cemeteries.

Results 1-5 out of 303 from Find a Grave

Place of Loving Remembrance Kahi Hali'a Aloha - Find A Grave ...
Birth: unknown: Death: unknown Waikiki Honolulu County Hawaii, USA: The inscription reads: Kahi Hali'a Aloha. "The Place of Loving Remembrance" Waikiki, today a busy ...

Hiram K. Kolomoku (1860 - 1914) - Find A Grave Memorial
Spouse Birth Place: Hawaiian Ids Father Birthplace: Hawaiian Ids Mother Birthplace: Hawaiian Ids Race: Hawaiian Gender: Male Marital Status: Married Years Married: 12

Charles Lindbergh (1902 - 1974) - Find A Grave Memorial
Birth: Feb. 4, 1902 Detroit Michigan, USA: Death: Aug. 26, 1974: ... Hawaii, USA Maintained by: Find A Grave Record added: Jan 01, 2001 Find A Grave Memorial# 629:

Lorrin Andrews Thurston (1858 - 1931) - Find A Grave Memorial
Birth: Jul. 31, 1858 Honolulu Honolulu County Hawaii, USA: Death: May 11, 1931 Honolulu Honolulu County Hawaii, USA: Lawyer, Politician, and Businessman.

Find A Grave - Hawaii
"Discovered" Hawaii in 1778 and named them the Sandwich Islands, after the voyage's sponsor, the Earl of Sandwich. ... and resided in Washington Place, ...

Results 1-1 out of 1 from Immigrantships

The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Firm that searches, copies, deciphers, and types passenger lists. Some passenger manifests posted on the web, from RootsWeb.

Results 1-5 out of 43 from Cousin Connect

MERRYFIELD: Genealogy Queries - Genealogy Query and Surname ...
The place of birth was Edmonton Alberta, ... ... Hawaii to John and Karen Long(nee: Merryfield), USN Submarine Service. Put in Foster care in Florida late 1973, ...

VANWINKLE: Genealogy Queries - Genealogy Query and Surname ...
... Corral) Date of Birth: 04/24/1982 Place of Birth: USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA Non-vital information ... My mother gave her up for adoption in Hawaii.

GRACE: Genealogy Queries - Genealogy Query and Surname Database
Kaha was born about 1902 in the district of Kau, Hawaii. Kaha ... daughter, her birth name was cynthia marie taylor ... Byers Oakley Place of birth: ...

AHRENS: Genealogy Queries - Genealogy Query and Surname Database
The largest elementary school in Hawaii is named after him (over ... Trevor Jacob Adoptive name: Jacob Frederick Date of Birth: 12/04/94 Place: Stewart Memorial ...

United States Genealogy Queries - Genealogy Query and Surname ...
MCCALLY : THOMAS : I am attempting to find birth information of Enos W. Thomas. ... Place of Death: LaGrange, IN, Date of Death: 11-15-1947, Date of Birth: ...

Hawaii's diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of ... that have been passed on regarding various places in the Hawaiian islands. ...   Read More...

Kamehameha I
full Hawaiian name: Kalani Pai ea Wohi o Kaleikini Keali ikui Kamehameha o Iolani ... considers the most probable date of birth as being 1758 ...   Read More...

Internment of Japanese Americans
while in Hawaii , where 150,000-plus Japanese Americans comprised ... of disloyalty to the land of their birth based on race alone; and ...   Read More...

Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories
in Hawaii ignoring ... the actual place of birth, not a ... com/gallery/58961/history-of-the-birther-movement#index/0 History of the Birther ...   Read More...

Kingdom of Hawaii
The Kingdom of Hawaii was established in 1795 with the subjugation of the smaller ... If she could not produce an heir by birth, Prince David ...   Read More...

mingling took place between ... Portuguese, Spanish, Hawaiian, Caucasian- ... Two-thirds of Māori births, half of Pacific births, and a third of ...   Read More...

Domestic partnership
can use annual leave or unpaid leave for the birth or adoption of a dependent child or to care ... Hawaii: Recognition of same-sex unions in Hawaii ...   Read More...

Abraham Fornander
Swedish-born emigrant who became an important Hawaiian journalist, judge, and ethnologist. ... 1812 | PLACE OF BIRTH | DATE OF DEATH November ...   Read More...

Robert Crichton Wyllie
served two decades as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Hawaii . ... 1798 | PLACE OF BIRTH Dunlop , Scotland , Kingdom of Great ...   Read More...

History of slavery
the American colonies and other places, an integral element was ... pirates Naval forces often turned 'infidel' prisoners-of-war into galley-slaves. ...   Read More...

Is a certificate of live birth the same as a birth ...
Is a certificate of live birth the same as a birth certificate in Hawaii? ... Places / North America / United States / The American States / Hawaii;

Can you receive an original vault Hawaiian birth certificate ...
Places / North America / United States; ... Copies of Hawaiian birth certificates are not sent to individuals who lack a tangible interest in acquiring them.

What is the controversy over President Obama's birth ...
Has any othe president ever had their place of birth debated? Like; Report. 1 comment | Post ... his birth certificate states born in Hawaii ...

Does Obama have a Hawaiian birth certificate? | Answerbag
Places / North America / United States; by Answerbag Staff on May 23rd, 2010 Question. ... Can you receive an original vault Hawaiian birth certificate?

Does the rumor about Oboma not "Born in America" hold any ...
He was born in Honolulu in '61...Hawaii was a state, ... I'm certain that government background checks for place of birth are pretty stringent for presidential ...

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Eddie Rothman is displeased with the ASP | Stab Magazine
your mum was the birth place of many people. you aren't even a surfer hahahaaha fucking land locked red neck. zbah. This looks like a real test of the new asp. If Eddie does not have one drop of hawaiian blood in his body.

Lax birth registration in Hawaii? - Obama Conspiracy Theories
Next, Klayman says: “Hawaii law at the time is explicit that a parent could lawfully request a birth certificate from Hawaii for a child born in a foreign country.” The statute for issuing out of state births was passed in 1982, not “at ...

Have you seen what President Obama said about the ...
In the midst of the laughter from the audience, he loses focus for a moment, saying, “I happen to know that my approval ratings are still very high in the country of my birth. ... He was born in Hawaii as showed by his birth certificate and the confirmation of the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii and the Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 (and ONLY the DOH of Hawaii could send birth notices to the “Health ...

Hawaii Office Of Information Practices Says Obama SSN ...
Because, “ as demonstrated by a recent study, the last four digits combined with reasonable guesses as to year and place of birth could allow someone to determine the full social security number.” 1. They go on to say that,

Hawaii Birth Certificate Laws |

Birth certificates are important legal documents used to establish citizenship in the United States. Like other states, Hawaii has several regulations in place to ...

What Is a Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii? |

What Is a Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii?. Hawaii issues two similar types of birth certificates. ... date of birth, place of birth, filing date, sex, and seal).

Requirements for Getting a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth ...

A Hawaiian birth record can be ordered by mail, ... The day and the place of birth, which includes the city or town name and island, must be entered.

How do I Get a Certified Copy of a Hawaii Birth Certificate ...

A Hawaiian birth certificate is also referred to as a Certificate of Live ... How to Get a Copy of Footprints at Birth; Places for Kids to Go in Hawaii; ...

Places to Live in Hawaii |

Places to Live in Hawaii. Moving to Hawaii is something many fantasize about. ... What Is a Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii? How to Do a Cheap Wedding in Hawaii;