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Free Marriage Records
We are not connected to any government agency and do not have certificates. ... Alaska: THOMAS MACKAY: Arizona: PATTI JEPSEN: Arkansas: PATTI JEPSEN: California:

Ramsey County Minnesota Genealogy Queries
(Married Eleanor F. COHEN 1937 Alaska) 2. ... The house address on the birth certificate says 688 Euclid was the home for Gloria Jean. 3/23/01- Jackie Maggiore

USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds genealogy
Alaska : Sherri Bradley: Arizona Table of Contents: Arizona : Marcia Ann Kuehl: Arkansas Table of Contents: Arkansas : Gina Heffernan: California Table of Contents: California :

Hennepin County, Minnesota Queries - USGenWeb Archives ...
birth record for Kelley Michelle ... Also Death certificate of Anders which also maybe listed as Andrew G. Bredin ... Sarah Lupro <> Thu May 7 15 ...

start1.html - USGenWeb Archives - census wills deeds genealogy
His birth date Sept 5, 1818 ... but was born and raised in Indiana.Was planning on going to Alaska, ... It was written ROBISON on the marriage certificate but she could not write ...

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United States of America Cemetery Records | Genealogy
Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas. Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland

Louisiana Cemetery Records | Genealogy
Search and browse Louisiana cemetery records and tombstone inscriptions for Louisiana genealogy research.

Alabama Cemetery Records | Genealogy
Search and browse Alabama cemetery records and tombstone inscriptions for Alabama genealogy research.

LGBT rights in Alaska
transgender (LGBT) persons in the U.S. state of Alaska have been able to marry since U.S. district court declared Alaska's denial of marriage rights to same-sex   Read More...

Sealed birth records
sealing the original birth certificate of an infant upon adoption. The original sealed birth certificate is replaced with a birth certificate declaring the adoptee   Read More...

Jason Everman
York Times Magazine, Everman said when asked about his birth, "My birth certificate says Kodiak, but I'm pretty sure it was Ouzinkie, where my parents   Read More...

Political positions of Sarah Palin
politician, commentator and author who served as the ninth Governor of Alaska, from 2006 to 2009. Palin was the Republican Party nominee for Vice President   Read More...

Barack Obama presidential eligibility litigation
In July 2012, Gordon Epperly sued the Alaska Division of Elections to force it to obtain Obama's birth certificate before it places him on the ballot.   Read More...

Joe Arpaio
also known for his investigation of U.S. President Barack Obama's birth certificate, and his claim that it is forged. Arpaio was born in Springfield   Read More...

Ryan Reaves
Blues. 2010-10-17. Retrieved 2010-11-02.  "Beleskey a Windsorite in birth certificate only". Windsor Star. 2010-10-12. Retrieved 2010-10-12.  Ryan Reaves's   Read More...

LGBT rights in Alabama
2009. Transsexual persons born in Alabama may request an amended birth certificate with a corrected name and sex after undergoing sex reassignment surgery   Read More...

Scott Garrett
minutes, he agreed President Barack Obama should produce an original birth certificate to verify his eligibility to be President of the United States. Garrett   Read More...

LGBT adoption in the United States
Louisiana birth certificate case". NOLA. April 12, 2011. Retrieved April 13, 2011.  "Supreme Court Turns Down Adoption Birth Certificate Case". The   Read More...

How do I find an original birth certificate after adoption ...
Open State. Find out if you were born in an open adoption state. The states that allow adoptees to see their original birth certificates are Alabama, Alaska, Delaware ...

How do I get a copy of an adoption certificate? | Answerbag
Research laws. Research laws in your state regarding the release of your identifying information and your original birth certificate. So far, Alabama, Alaska ...

Does the father have legal rights if he is not listed on the ...
If father is not named on the birth certificate in alaska does he have to pay child support. If i dont put boyfriends name on birth certificate does he have rights.

My sister will be driving from Alaska through Canada, back ...
My sister will be driving from Alaska through Canada, back down into the U.S. Will she need any special documents to pass through the borders? Birth certificate, ect?

How do I amend a birth certificate after adoption? | Answerbag
How do I amend a birth certificate after adoption? The Decision Process During the process of adoption, prospective adoptive families must decide if they will ...

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More On Alaska's Birth Certificate Requirements - Sarah's ...
... who supplied me with the following information. There has been a lot of debate in the comments on my previous post as to whether or not Trig's birth certificate would have been requested if he was a natural child of Sarah's.

Illinois trans individuals can change birth certificate without ...
Illinois to allow transgender individuals to update birth certificate gender marker – LGBTQ Nation. ————. Alaskan trans people can now change DMV gender marker without SRS provided the person's physician will certify ...

my post on the December 4, 2009 show - Progressive Alaska
That weird conspiracy theory freaky thing that people talk about, that Trig isn't my real son, a lot of people say, "Well, you need to produce his birth certificate, you need to prove that he's your kid," which we have done, but yeah ...

How To Get a Copy of Alaska Birth Records & Certificates ...
To be able to obtain a Birth Certificate in Alaska there are a few things you must know and documentation that you will need to have. Since a Birth Certificate is considered to be a confidential record, they are well protected ...