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Chesapeake Public Records

Chesapeake County is an area on the southernmost border of Virginia that boasted a population of more than 222,000 as of the 2010 census. The county is a hub of U.S. history, although it was not officially founded until 1963. Prior to that time, it was established at South Norfolk County in 1919 and became a city in 1922. Chesapeake County public records are available on individuals who were born, died and married in the area throughout those years, offering a glimpse of lives that were touched by the pristine beauty that is now known as the City of Chesapeake County. Chesapeake County gov public records can be located through a wealth of sources, including government offices and websites specifically designed for this purpose.

There are a number of ways to conduct a Chesapeake County, VA public records search, including:

  • Chesapeake Court records can be located through Virginia’s court system and special online services.
  • Land and real estate records can be found through the Chesapeake County Clerk’s office.
  • Chesapeake County birth, death and marriage certificates can be ordered through the Virginia Department of Health.
  • Documents can also be obtained by visiting any of the offices above, or mailing a request directly to the location.
  • Chesapeake County Public Records at the County Clerk’s Office

    The Chesapeake County Clerk’s office is the go-to destination for an in-person and online public records search in Chesapeake County involving real estate and land transactions. This office also offers a wealth of information for the general public involving court records, assumed names and judgments. This office offers multiple ways to access Chesapeake, VA gov public records, including in person and through their online services. A subscription fee is required to access the online system to search for their county-specific Virginia public records.

    Finding Chesapeake County Public Records through the Department of Health

    The Virginia Department of Health also provides a variety of Chesapeake County, Virginia public records, including birth and death certificates, marriage licenses and divorce decrees. Birth certificates in Chesapeake County become public information after 100 years, while Chesapeake County death, divorce and marriage records become public after just 50 years. Prior to this time period, access to public records in Chesapeake County is only available to authorized individuals, including the person on the certificate, family members and designated representatives.

    Online Chesapeake County Public Records Searches are Easy, Convenient

    To make Chesapeake public records searches as easy and convenient as possible, online tools have been made available. The County Clerk’s office offers their own online public records search for Chesapeake County, VA, which requires a subscription to the service to initiate. The Virginia Department of Health has also made vital records available online, by contracting with an Internet access company known as This tool can be used to access Chesapeake County, VA public records anytime of the day and from any location. There is an additional fee to use the VitalChek service to find public records online for Chesapeake.

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