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Oregon Public Records

Oregon County in Missouri was founded in 1845 and offers an abundance of historic and recent records available to the public. Types of records available include vital records, criminal records, civil and criminal court records and historic military and vital records. Oregon County public records are mostly open records, although Oregon County birth records, death and marriage records are restricted to authorized users and may be requested from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

The Missouri Courts offers online public access to Oregon County court records, and divorce records may be accessed online, in addition to court records. Criminal records for Oregon County and statewide may be obtained online through the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) site, which allows anyone to perform name-based searches for criminal records for a fee. For Oregon County military records and historic vital records, visit the State Archives.

  • Oregon County vital records are restricted to the person of record, an immediate family member or a legal representative. These may be ordered online through VitalChek or by mail.
  • The State Archives offer indexes of Oregon County birth, death, marriage and divorce records that are not restricted.
  • Anyone may order Oregon County criminal records from the CJIS online criminal background public access web portal, although the results will be statewide.
  • Oregon County court records may be researched through the Missouri Courts online case records portal or in person at the local Circuit Clerk’s office.
  • Access historic Oregon County military records at the State Archives in Jefferson City.
  • About Oregon County Public Records

    Unfortunately, vital records are completely restricted in Missouri due to strict privacy laws. However, historic indexes of Oregon County vital records offer enough information, typically, to offset restricted access to the actual record. Missouri public records that are available include court records, criminal records and military records.  Public records in Oregon County like birth, death, marriage and divorce records are easy to obtain if you’re the person of record or an immediate family member or legal guardian.

    Searching Oregon County Online Public Records

    The Missouri Courts offer online access to court records throughout the state, although your search can easily be narrowed down to Oregon County court records. This service is free and offers a wealth of information. Divorce records are included, making this a good way to view Oregon County divorce records for free. Online public records in Oregon County also include criminal records through CJIS, although this service requires a fee.

    Accessing Free Public Records in Oregon County

    Aside from Oregon County court records, most public records in Oregon County do require a fee. However, Oregon County free public records can be found at the State Archives, which include military records and some vital records. Access to the research room here is free.

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