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Charlotte Public Records

Charlotte County is a relatively large Florida county located on the Gulf Coast side of the state. The population for the county, as of the 2010 census, was nearly 160,000. Charlotte County was established as an official county in Florida in 1921, which makes it one of the newer counties in the country. However, this southern region is rich in history, which can be traced in part through the wealth of Charlotte County public records currently available. Launching an online Charlotte public records search can seem overwhelming, until you narrow down your search to the specific government office or agency that holds the particular historical information and public documents you seek.

There are a number of ways to make the most of tools available for public records in Charlotte County, FL, including:

  • Search for specific documents online using the Charlotte County Official Records Search.
  • Order copies of official Chesapeake County public records through
  • Search for Chesapeake birth, death, marriage and divorce documents from the Florida Department of Health.
  • Order online copies of Chesapeake County vital records at the Health Department through VitalChek.
  • Visit any government office in person or by mail to request documents in question.
  • Charlotte County Public Records Through the County Clerk

    The Charlotte County Clerk is currently in the process of making more public records for Charlotte County, FL available online. The Clerk’s office offers their own online service, known as the Charlotte County Official Records Search.  

    Those who want to order official copies of the documents, however, need to access an additional source –, which provides Charlotte County documents, as well as statewide Florida public records. Documents available through this office include various real estate transactions, as well as death certificates and marriage licenses for Charlotte County, FL.

    Checking the Florida Department of Health for Charlotte County Public Records

    Charlotte County’s vital records like birth and death certificates, marriage licenses and divorce decrees are kept on file by the Florida Department of Health. Interested parties can find Charlotte County, Florida public records through this source, as well as vital records for other counties in the state.

    Florida law states that birth record access must be restricted for a full 100 years, while death certificates do not become public until 50 years later. This means the only people who can access these protected Charlotte County gov public records include the person on the document, family members and designated representatives of the individual.

    Finding Charlotte County Public Records Online

    Finding and ordering vital records for this Florida county has never been easier, thanks to public records online for Charlotte County, FL. Services both through the Clerk’s office and the Florida Department of Health make it easy for interested parties to find the information they are looking for from the comfort of home. Although the Clerk’s office offers its own online service, the Florida Department of Health contracts with VitalChek to offer online tools to its customers for a small fee.

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