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Rio Rancho Obituary Records

In New Mexico, obituaries were published in newspapers after the end of the civil war. Previously, obituaries and death notices were usually extremely brief and The publishing of detailed obituaries by newspapers in United States began to become more customary following the end of the Civil War and were more likely to include common folk. Prior to that, most mentions regarding someone's death were usually quite brief unless they were about a prominent member of the community. Obituaries as well as death notices indicate the passing of an individual. However, the obituary also serves to provide information regarding the deceased, such as their names, spouses, siblings, children and other offspring's. In addition, the obituary will also detail where the deceased was buried and sometimes may even contain a complete biography of the deceased's life. Obituaries and Death Notices are sometimes the only record of someone's death. Death certificates, even if supposedly required, were often never issued in some parts during the 1890s to 1920s. In addition, they are sometimes the only source for the maiden name of a woman. For people who lived in Rio Rancho, you are advised to look into records from local newspapers. Many provide access to online reserves as well. It is also advised that you look into newspapers from all across Sandoval county, as it is possible that the individual was known in other parts of New Mexico as well.

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