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Learn Your Family History through Civil War Veterans Records
Posted by Grace Mitchell on January 7th 2013 under

Civil War Veterans RecordsDo you have a slice of American history hiding in your family heritage? Find out with an exploration of Civil War veterans records. These archives provide a glimpse into the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil. While records may not be fully complete, the hard work of genealogists and researchers has ensured a record of Civil War battles that will help many piece together those important fragments of their family history.

What is Available in Civil War Records?

Civil War records may offer a wealth of information about the battles that were fought on American soil. You are sure to find plenty of facts about the main players in the war, but getting data on individual Civil War soldiers can be easier said than done. Fortunately, online databases have now been compiled with rolls from the Civil War, which now include millions of the soldiers that fought in the war. The databases are also being regularly updated as new information becomes available, so if the individual you are looking for is not currently included, it might be worth checking at a later date to see if his name has been added.

The National Archives Records Administration currently offers names and other facts on more than 6.3 million Civil War soldiers. That information has also been made available online, allowing individuals to search for their relatives from any location with a computer and Internet access. In addition, online search services have networked with the database at the National Archives to make at least a portion of this information more readily available. The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, a cooperative effort by the National Park Service and other public and private entities, is also working toward an online database of Civil War records.

Union and Confederate Soldiers’ Information Stored in Different Archives

Service and pension records may also be available on Civil War soldiers, which offer a wider range of information than the basic facts listed in muster rolls. However, these records may be available through different resources, based on which side of the war the soldier served.

For Union soldiers, pension records are stored at the National Archives. On the other hand, military records for Confederate soldiers will probably be found in state archives.

No matter which database you search, it is important to have a full name on the person you are looking for. Keep in mind that records kept from long ago may not be completely consistent in terms of spelling of various names. You may also find that searching a surname for others in the family that served, either as Civil War soldiers on the battlefront, or in the National Guard, can also point you to additional information about your family history.

Research into Civil War records could unveil some fascinating facts about your family’s heritage. Thanks to the hard work of genealogists and archivists today, you can access plenty of interesting information about this war and the persons who fought in it right from your home computer.