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Purdys Court Records

Court records are defined as public records but sadly they aren't always so easy to find. The Freedom of Information Act declares that court records should be made available to the public and Purdys court records are no exception. However, it is still possible to be denied access to a certain court case or partial information from it in certain cases where there is a risk to the welfare of an individual or an invasion of privacy. The most common example is the court records of a minor. The more information you have, the easier your search at the county clerk office. You will need the full legal name, age, date of birth, jurisdiction of the court case and approximate dates of the court proceedings in order to find court records. You are also advised to make sure that you have the proper spelling of any names involved in the court case. There are also different types of court cases so you are advised to know in advance which court house to address such as civil or criminal. Criminal and traffic court records are usually easier to obtain from the court house than civil ones.

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