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Wyoming Cemetery Records

Cemetery records can include a lot of information useful and interesting regarding the individual. Many details are often found within the cemetery record that weren't published within the obituaries, such as the cause of death or in some cases relation to certain individuals or organizations that helped fund the funerals and burial and in some instances the location and the name of the doctor that has declared the time of death. Amongst the greatest achievements of the information superhighway, is the ability to uncover information through search cemeteries records. Cemetery records have always been a major part of a genealogy search. However, uncovering information from them usually required a trip to the actual cemetery or funerals home of the individual where is buried. In the case of an ancestry search, that meant traveling to each location for every deceased family member and sometimes that required trips into multiple cemeteries at a time. In addition, there were no standards regarding such records. Each funerals home had their own standards for how to store their records and what information to preserve. However, today you can make a simple and yet extensive obituary search through death, cemetery and funerals records of multiple individuals from the privacy of your own home.

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