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Marriage Statistics Reports

Posted by Grace Mitchell on Febuary 10th 2010 under Vital Record Searches

Marriage Statistics ReportsIn 1996, the CDC has ceased gathering marriage statistics as part of its vital statistics due to funding issues and limiations on the information by the government.

From 2003, marraige and divorce statistics levels are included in published reports by the NCHS.
For additional information on marriage and divorce statistics, the National Survey of Family Growth, also known as the NSFG, collects detailed information about cohabitation, divorce, marriage, and remarriages. The U.S. Census Bureau also collects marriage and divorce statistics, though this information is survey rather than records-based.

If you need information about your own marriage, or want to find out if a marriage is still in effect, the best thing to do is request a copy of your marriage and/or divorce records from your state.

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