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Marriage Record Genealogy

Posted by Grace Mitchell on December 16th 2010 under Vital Record Searches

Marriage Record GenealogyA marriage license is the legal record of a wedding and its subsequent union. These official records are signed by the official as well as the couple. The license is then certified and archived by public officials. Marriage licenses contain the original unmarried names of both parties, their place of residence, the date, and also the county and state the marriage occurred in. This is why often marriage records are vital to almost all researchers as they not only provide information but also help unlock the path to other searches with information that is crucial and not easily obtainable – Most notably, the brides maiden name.

The Great Value of Marriage Records

In some cases, the marriage license can reveal additional information regarding the happy couple, such as occupation or notable title (such as doctorate or knighthood) which may be me priceless in values of understanding the historical culture of your family.

The Important First Step

Most people find that the best way to start off is to draw out a basic family tree including all the marriages and children that you are aware of. Write down everything you know. If you have incomplete information you should write it down as well. For example, you can be sure that biologically every single person has a mother and a father. Even if you are unaware of one doesnt mean they dont exist. It is also important not to be alarmed about the things that you do not know. No one knows everything about his family.

Once Your Tree is Set

After you have spanned your tree of self knowledge, it is time to fill up the gaps with information from public records. Luckily, for those trying to find out more about their ancestors, the internet is great tool that combines many different useful resources. You can search online for marriage records quickly and easily, and for free. Wedding records and similar information is considered public domain, and a search online combines the results from several different directories and sites, helping you get a more specific picture of your family tree. Marriage records provide important details such as maiden name, as well as help complete the image of your family tree. If you need to find out more about your family history or Genealogy, marriage records are sometimes the most easily accessible and most reliable way to trace your ancestry through multiple generations. Using the maiden name and possible background information about the bride's family is often essential to expanding your family tree.

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