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Trace Your Heritage

In this section, we will delve deeper into the particularities of your genealogical research, allowing you to trace your family’s linage and heritage as far back as possible. Whether by cutting edge technological advances, such as DNA genealogy that helps you trace your tree, or particular ethnic and religious histories, our resources will help you get and stay on the right tracks. Many companies, databases & search engines specialize in specific types of genealogy and heritages, including British genealogy, German genealogy, Irish genealogy, Jewish genealogy, Mormon genealogy and more. Each of these subgroups has its own individual databases, search engines, genealogical methods, and cultural heritage, all which give a context and deeper content to your search. Moreover, there are religious resources & records which often provide the sole piece of information from certain times when civil records did not exists. These records can describe migration patterns, lifestyles, habits, and other priceless data and information which can aid you in your genealogical search.

How to Find Your Ancestry and Ancestors for Free

Posted by Grace Mitchell on Febuary 4th 2012 under Trace Your Heritage
Find your ancestors using this helpful guide that discusses how to fill out your family tree using websites like www ancestry com. Read More...

How to Search for American Ancestry

Posted by Grace Mitchell on January 30th 2012 under Trace Your Heritage
This helpful resource guide discusses how to search for Native American ancestry, as well as Mormon ancestry, using genealogy websites like Read More...

Top Tips For Finding Ancestors

Posted by Grace Mitchell on January 10th 2012 under Trace Your Heritage
Building your family tree? You may already know just how challenging it can be to locate those ancestors you never knew. The good news is there are plenty of solid online sources to help you launch your genealogy research and persevere through your task until your family history is finally complete. Read More...

Trace Your Ancestors

Posted by Grace Mitchell on November 7th 2011 under Trace Your Heritage
Put your detective skills and Internet savvy to work to trace your ancestors and create your own unique family tree. Through a wealth of online public records databases today, you can piece together your family history puzzle to discover ancestors you never knew you had. Much of this information is free to the general public as well. Read More...

Trace Family Tree

Posted by Grace Mitchell on October 12th 2011 under Trace Your Heritage
Tracing the family tree has become a popular hobby for many aspiring genealogists today. The task of researching one’s heritage has become much easier, thanks to the wealth of online archives and databases now available. With tips on how to access these files, you can learn plenty of interesting facts about your family history. Read More...

Surname Meanings

Posted by Grace Mitchell on April 14th 2011 under Trace Your Heritage
Curious about what your last name might mean? Find out, with a wealth of online resources regarding the meaning behind surnames. Most of these websites are completely free to use and offer plenty of information about the origins and meanings of a huge database of surnames. This is a perfect step in completing your fascinating family history. Read More...

Uncovering your roots

Posted by Grace Mitchell on December 29th 2010 under Trace Your Heritage
Discover secrets of the past and skeletons in the closet, by uncovering the roots of your family tree. Online public records and genealogy research makes the process of learning about your family much easier today. With a wealth of information available online, as well as numerous online archives, you can uncover all kinds of interesting family roots. Read More...