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Public Record Searches

The term “public records” denotes all the records which are publically available by right of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). These records, which are recorded and kept at the local, state or federal level, are generally the starting point of a genealogical expedition. Public records include, but are not limited to, vital records, immigration records, real estate records, driving records, criminal records, etc, and not all of them are directly relevant to genealogical or family tree research. They are by and large accessible to the public freely, or with an administrative fee. These records are kept both in physical files and online and offline computerized databases. And while these records are available to the public, they have restricted and limited access, mostly due to privacy concerns. In certain states, personal information maintained about an individual may not be disclosed without the person's consent. However, other states do not restrict access to this degree, making it easier to obtain the desired records.

Tips for Public Records Research

Posted by Grace Mitchell on April 20th 2012 under Public Record Searches
Launching a public records search isn’t always easy, even with all the online resources available today. To ensure your records search is successful, get tips from experienced archivists and genealogy experts who can help you get started. With key tools in hand, you are much more likely to find the information you are looking for. Read More...

Online Public Records vs Privacy

Posted by Grace Mitchell on March 19th 2012 under Public Record Searches
While the Internet has made it much easier to find a wealth of public records online, there are still some restrictions in place as to the type of information you are entitled to. Those restrictions vary from state to state, but all are created for the purpose of protecting the individual on the document from identity theft. Read More...

Military Records

Posted by Grace Mitchell on December 28th 2011 under Public Record Searches
Military records uncover information about your family’s history, telling you which family members served in wars or gave their service to their country. These records span back centuries, offering some of the oldest documented information available today. With online military records now available, it’s much easier to complete your family research. Read More...

Online Public Records

Posted by Grace Mitchell on November 21st 2011 under Public Record Searches
The Internet has become a vital tool for genealogy researchers today. Now, you can find birth and death records, marriage documents and even military records and obituaries right from the comfort of home. Most government offices also provide online instructions allowing you to request official copies of documents as needed. Read More...

Beginner Record Search

Posted by Grace Mitchell on July 13th 2011 under Public Record Searches
Getting ready to launch a public records search? The process may be more challenging than it sounds. These records are scattered throughout a large variety of public archives and databases, which vary based on the state in which they are located. Beginners in genealogy research will need help to begin a search for public records. Read More...

Public Record Uses

Posted by Grace Mitchell on March 25th 2011 under Public Record Searches
There are many reasons why you might need access to online public records today. Perhaps you need a copy of your birth certificate to obtain a passport, or a death certificate to settle an estate. You may want to complete your family history project, which requires access to birth, death, military and marriage records. Read More...

Public record information

Posted by Grace Mitchell on March 4th 2011 under Public Record Searches
Many different types of public records are available online today to offer you a glimpse of your past through a variety of lenses. These public records may include vital records like birth and death certificates, histories of military service, obituaries and court records. Find information about yourself and others right on the Internet. Read More...

Pension Military Records

Posted by Grace Mitchell on December 5th 2010 under Public Record Searches
The federal government and some state governments granted pensions to officers, disabled veterans, needy veterans, widows or orphans of veterans and veterans who served a certain length of time. Pension records usually contain more genealogical information than service records. However, not all of our veteran ancestors applied for or received a pension. Read More...

How Criminal Statistics are Collected

Posted by Grace Mitchell on November 16th 2010 under Public Record Searches
Crime statistics, despite what one might believe, are not always accurate as we'd hope. For start, the reports only include crimes where the criminals were caught. In other occasions, data is gathered from insurance companies which do not cover 100% of the population. In addition, for obvious reasons, data may be inaccurate since some crimes never get reported at all. Read More...

Researching Public Records Through the FEC

Posted by Grace Mitchell on November 13th 2010 under Public Record Searches

The Federal Election Commission, also known as the FEC, provides interested parties with the capability of finding public records information. The documents provided by the FEC are available to be inspected by the public. Read More...

The PACER Service Center

Posted by Grace Mitchell on October 14th 2010 under Public Record Searches
The Public Access to Court Electronic Records, also known as PACER, is a service that allows users to obtain court information from different courts using the internet. By registering with PACER, you have electronic access to all courts. Read More...