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Help Resources

As many veteran genealogists have observed, genealogical expeditions are at times fraught with frustrations, dead ends, gaps of knowledge, and other irking occurrences; at times you miss only a single piece of information, or do not know even where to begin your search.

Fear not, however, for we have compiled a list of help resources for your disposal, all meant to assist you in overcoming the difficulties inherent in uncovering your family heritage in full. Over time, you will learn to not be discouraged by these moments, and also how to bridge the gaps that form in your family tree.

Is Your Professional Licensed

Posted by Grace Mitchell on March 7th 2012 under Help Resources
When you hire a professional for any type of service, you want peace of mind in knowing that you have chosen the best person for the job. By conducting an online search for public licensing in your state, you can rest assured the professional you choose has the backing of the state government to perform the job. Read More...

How to Use a Record Retriever

Posted by Grace Mitchell on Febuary 28th 2012 under Help Resources
A professional records retriever can make the job of an archivist or genealogist that much easier. If you are willing to pay for the service, your professional can help you find a wealth of online public records, as well as research older archives, publications and obituaries to find information about your family and your past. Read More...