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Genealogy Communities

Posted by Grace Mitchell on January 7th 2011 under Free Genealogy Resources

Genealogy CommunitiesA lot of people are interested in genealogy but many of them are not aware of the many communities that exist that can help making their job so much easier. Today, thanks to the internet, genealogists realized the power of numbers. Various genealogy communities have risen to aid the millions of genealogists all across the globe to share adivce and resources.

Online Genealogy Communities

Most people in the U.S who start doing their family history investigation, often find themselves reaching into other countries. Most americans find that their family history tree reaches out to either Europe, Africa or the Far East. In order to advance your genealogy expedition, there are any number of genealogy communities that can help you out. A good place to start would be which provides great support for international searches.

Religious and Nationality Based Communities

The Church of Latter-Day Saints is known very well for its continually effort in aiding research, collecting and update of genealogy records. Their records are available to the public and not just members of the church. You can locate their webpage at

Communities For Jewish Ancestry

Members of the jewish faith or those with jewish ancestors may also try the Jewish Genealogy Search which can be found at They may be able to help you to go thorugh records of jewish heritage and databases. In addition, they may be of service in directing your ancestry search.

Online Genealogy Communities

You can also examine any number of online communities by joining any number of genealogical communities such as,,, and other similar sites that can help you get in touch with additional genealogy resources from all across the globe. Some of these sites also offer advice from professionals that can help you accessing the proper tools and build your family tree. Regardless of whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, becomming part of a genealogy community can be extremely beneficial to you.

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