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Family History

For many genealogies (if not all of them), families form the backbone of self-identity, and family history enlarges, depends, and illuminates this identity - where and how it was formed, and its history throughout the ages. That is perhaps why we find such a deep passion in our family’s history. And yet, as deep as the issues of self-inquiry & roots delve, family history is much more than simply paying homage and respect to the past and to one’s origins. It is a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts. In a way it’s like a scavenger hunt with clues, each piece of evidence leading up to the next clue; you assume the role of detective of your past.

There is a thrill of genealogical finds, in unearthing treasures and overcoming challenges. They mystery and search never end – each answer leads to even more questions, enlivening your expedition and research once more. Finding estranged family members, mothers, fathers, brothers & sisters for adopted individuals, & planning a family reunion are two other exciting aspects of family history. Soon we find that genealogy is much more than names and dates on a chart; it is more than sentimental stories about the good old (or bad old) days, nor is it an effort to gain status by discovering illustrious ancestors. Perhaps it is more accurate that each of us is truly responding to an inner yearning for a connection to our heritage.

Free Genealogy Resources

While many records are not available freely (mostly due to the many hours of work required to bring them to us as they are), there is a diverse array of free websites and resources available to all. These websites seek to bring every possible record to as many people as possible without cost in the belief that such information should be freely available. It is recommended to begin you genealogical expedition with these free resources, and then move on to played-based ones according to your needs. Naturally, these resources and search engines are much more complete, thanks to full-time employees that work to update and enlarge these databases. There is a plethora of available websites, and this can be mightily confusing at times. Don’t be discouraged – take one step at a time. This section of our website is meant to help you identify and enlist only the best of the available resources on your journey.

Basic Steps to Trace Your Family Tree

Posted by Grace Mitchell on Febuary 7th 2012 under Family History
Nothing is more fun or interesting than tracing your family tree. However, a job this big requires plenty of tips and expert advice if you want your genealogy research to be as successful as possible. Check out these steps to get you started in your genealogy research to uncover important facts about your past. Read More...

Family History Search

Posted by Grace Mitchell on September 28th 2011 under Family History
Looking for the history of your clan? You may be able to find all the information you need to trace your family’s history without ever leaving home. The art of family history has become much easier, thanks to a plethora of online archives available today. From vital records to obituaries, the Internet is the place to look. Read More...

Family History Research

Posted by Grace Mitchell on September 12th 2011 under Family History
Aspiring genealogists might start strong, but quickly fizzle as they realize just how challenging family history research can be. Even with the advent of online archives, it can still be confusing to know where to look for the information you need. Fortunately, online resources also provide necessary steps to successful family history research. Read More...

Family History Networking

Posted by Grace Mitchell on August 30th 2011 under Family History
Family history is an interesting subject that provides insight into where we came from and where we are going. What makes family history particularly fascinating is that it is all about people – the people who molded and shaped us into the individuals we are today. Learn more about those people with online family history networking. Read More...