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Find People by Birth Date

Birth RecordsIf you’re looking for information about a person, like a relative or ancestor, and you have a birth date in hand, you may be able to retrieve several different types of vital records. A birth date is a helpful piece of identifying information because it can help you determine which Joe Smith (for example) is your great grandfather. Here are some tips for finding people by birth date for free.

Lookup People Using Birth Date

If you already have the date of birth for a person, you can use this information to learn more about someone. This is especially useful for someone doing family history research. Perhaps you’ve come across family records but the handwriting is smudged or barely legible, but you can make out the birth date.

  • Helpful online tools include the Texas birth index, which allows you to search by name or birth date to learn the full name of the child and the county of birth.
  • Other birth indexes are available online that also allow you to search by date of birth for your ancestors.
  • Once you know where the person was born and his full name, use this data with the birth date to research other types of records for additional information and to discover additional family members.

Birth Certificate Restrictions

Another positive reason to lookup people using date of birth is because access to birth certificates is heavily restricted in many states. This means that trying to obtain a copy of birth records that aren’t personal or of an immediate relative could pose a problem.

However, using the birth date is a clever way to make an end run around these restrictions. Although you won’t access the full birth certificate, you should still get enough information to begin your search.

  • If the state will allow you to access a birth certificate, these are typically available to order online through VitalChek. The state’s repository of vital records is usually available through the health department.
  • The local county clerk where the birth occurred is another good source for birth records, especially older ones that might not have been reported to the state due to age.
  • Many online public records websites also allow you to research birth records, and often make basic information available.

Why a Birth Date is Important in a Genealogy Search

Using a birth date to lookup people is a good starting point for both novice and experienced genealogists. Once the birth date yields a full name and birth location, you can easily use this to begin searching for other records with fewer restrictions, like marriage and death records. These often yield names of parents, spouse, children and siblings, meaning you’ll have additional people to add to the family tree.