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Easy access to governmental resources and offices to help you find what you need with a simple click

Genealogy simplified. has a lightning fast search engine to answer all your genealogy research needs.

Friendly Customer Service: We make it our highest priority to ensure that your satisfaction is assured. Our support staff is here to take care of your every need. You can contact our staff by clicking here or by calling 1-888-884-9998.

Share your family tree. Your family tree just became completely social so you can share it with your children, their children and all your other relatives and build a tree together.

Millions of records at your fingertips. Uncover those particularly hard-to-find vital records including marriage, death, birth, divorce, and cemetery records on

Every moment counts. We won't waste your time with unrelated results and useless records. Our search engine technology shows you only the records that you searched for from multiple up-to-date data providers.

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We’ll help you dig deeper. Uncover the stories of your past with cemetery records, burial listings, obituaries, and our unique census collection.

Instant access to records. View actual scans and images of vital records, maps of cemeteries, and more.

Everything you need in one place. Our comprehensive collections can answer all of your genealogy and family history needs.

Research has never been this easy! Write notes and reminders, file records for later, review past searches, and browse your personal collection any time.

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Additional benefits:

Take it with you wherever you go. Everything you need can be accessed online. There are no installations, plug-ins, add-ons. Just log in and you’re good to go!

We’ll do the dirty work for you. Our technology will save you trips to courthouses, cemeteries, churches, and records offices (service is provided at an additional cost).

Trace your military roots. Our enlistment records collections and veteran archives will help build a more complete picture of your family history.

Find people just like you. Connect with a vibrant community Ask questions, share stories, form friendships and collaborate to solve problems. Connect with other members and genealogists through the community forums -

Great for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, RecordsBase has something for everyone.

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