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Public Records

Public records, which include marriage, death, birth, divorce records and more, are a great first step on the journey to uncover the mysteries of your past. Read More...

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Deepen your genealogical research with our ever growing array of collections and learn the tricks of the trade with how-to articles. Read More...

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    - Barbara S.
  • My family had no record of my great grandfather. Within minutes of joining RecordsBase, I was able to find a census record with his place and date of birth, parents’ names, and much more.

    - Heather C.
  • For the first time I have found my family on a genealogy site. It was so exciting! Thank you!

    - Nancy F.
  • RecordsBase has really helped me “put the pieces” together back to the 1800s.

    - Amy R.
  • RecordsBase has literally life. It’s changed my whole perspective of who I am and where I come from...I encourage everyone to find out those stories… On you’ll find things that you never thought about.

    - Linda S.
  • RecordsBase is a wonderful and easy tool to use.

    - Amy R.

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